Summary of Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Phil Knight was a very competitive runner. The one liner about the book is that essentially Nike was formed out of Phil being a very competitive runner and believing that he could create shoes that people would love to wear and would help them with their running. He started off ... read more

Design tools I've been using a lot recently I've been working a lot on accessibility on a number of projects recently and have found myself using this tool a lot. The great thing about it is that not only can you check a colour, it will also provide the closest alternative should your current chosen ... read more

Goals for 2019

-January free of cookies, sweets, mayo, crisps and takeaway food (Basically dominos!) Run two 10km races Read 12 non fiction books (I've already completed one this year so feel this is more doable!) Launch another small side project Write a blog article (about anything each month) Continue learning to play guitar ... read more

Summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck

Chapter 1 - The different mindsets Binet, a Frenchman invented the IQ test as a way to identify children that were not benefiting from Paris Public schools This was meant to allow them to design new educational programs to get them back on track Robert Sternberg sights that major factor in ... read more

Review of 2018 goals

Another year flies by and another year or not achieving all of my goals! I think maybe I was a bit ambitious with what I wanted to achieve last year, so lets take a look: Run sub 20minute 5km I didn't get anywhere near this time, in fact my times ... read more

Summary of 10 percent happier

"Your demons may have been ejected from the building, but they're out in the parking lot, doing push-ups" cool quote from the book Problem is that our egos are never satisfied, regardless of how much you buy, amazing food you eat or debates you win. We never feel ... read more

Summary of UI Desgin for the human eye

Visual consistency isn't just about making things look nice, it also creates trust Inconsistent designs will feel foreign are harder to use Think about consistency first before you start designing. If you've already come up with an idea for the design before thinking about user expectations, it's much harder to ... read more

Summary of UX for lean startups

What is Lean UX It's all about validating what we think We shouldn't ever assume we know what users want Instead we do interviews and research to create hypothesis about and then test it It isn't about always adding features to a product It's about working out where the value ... read more