Design tools I've been using a lot recently

May 18th, 2019
I've been working a lot on accessibility on a number of projects recently and have found myself using this tool a lot. The great thing about it is that not only can you check a colour, it will also provide the closest alternative should your current chosen colour not reach the minimum requirements.
Great for creating screenshots for marketing material. This tool will add a nice browser chrome and background to really make your designs pop off the page.
Super useful tool that makes it easy to find lighter or darker colours. This is a great tool to save loading up photoshop or sketch just to check the colour palette.
This tool is impressive and something I wish I had years ago when I used to spend hours cutting out images using the Photoshop magic wand! As the name suggests, upload and image and remove the background in no time.
Not really design related but a tool I'm using so much now to manage pretty much everything I do. From note taking, to dos, trip planning, reading lists, watch lists, guitar learning.

By Jonathan Clift, a UX Desginer based in the UK.