Aaron Levie - Co-founder of Box

Aaron famously dropped out of college to launch box in 2005, living off instant noodles and Spaghettios as he grew the cash strapped startup. Fast forward 13 years and box is a billion dollar company with over 1000 employees.

How to build a great product | Twitter | How Box became a $2B company

Alexis Ohanian - Cofounder of reddit

Best known for founding reddit and hipmunk, being a best selling author and now focussed on investment through initialized. On a mission to make the world suck less!

Without their permission | How to make the world suck less | What makes a great leader | Personal site

Andy Grove - Founder and former CEO of Intel

Andy is best known for revolutionising the semiconductor industry helping Intel to become the largest manufacture of semiconductors. Time magazine has previously named him man of the year and he's authored two fantastic books, most notably, High output management.

High output management | Only the paranoid survive

Anne Wojcicki - Co-founder and CEO of 23andMe

After 10 years of investing on Wall Street in the health care space, Anne witnessed first hand the incentives people were given to treat the sick rather than prevent a disease. This gave her the drive to change the way we think about health care , focussing on prevention rather than treatment, with a genetic testing company, 23andMe.

How to build the future | Taking health into our own hands

Ben Horowitz - Co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz and Opsware

One of silicon valleys most respected and experienced entrepreneurs. Involved in the early days of Netscape where he met Marc Andreessen and then AOL after Netscape was acquired. To say he's done it all would be a huge understatement. He provides a wealth of advice on running startups and authored one of the must read books for any entrepreneur.

The hard thing about hard things | 10 rules of success

Brian Chesky - Co-founder and CEO of AirBnB

7 rejections | 10 rules for success | White walls

Caterina Fake - Co-founder of Flickr

Best known for co-founding the photo sharing service, flickr. Now an investor who was an early investor in Etsy, Kickstarter and Typekit.

Online community guidelines | Personal website

Craig Newmark - Founder of Craiglist

Best known for being the craig in craiglist!


Dave Winer - Basically built the first ever CMS

Dave has built a whole bunch of cool products (check out his website) and is best known for his contribution to scripting and content management. He blogged before anyone knew what blogging was and can be found writing a lot on Scripting news

Pesonal website | Scripting news | Tech blast

David Heinemeier Hansson - Creator of Ruby on rails framework

David is probably best known for creating the Ruby on rails framework as well as the co-founder of Basecamp, formerly 37 Signals. A little known fact about him is that he's also driven in the endurance race, 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Rework | Reconsider | The day I became a millionaire | Personal site

Derek Sivers - Founder of CD baby

Best known for starting CDBaby which initially started as a hobby to sell his own music CD's as well as other local bands. Has since released books, TED talks and his personal site is an incredible source of information and advice.

Keep your goals to yourself | Anything you want | Why you need to fail | 250 book summaries

Gina Bianchini - Co-founder and previous CEO of Ning

Gina is the go to person to learn about building better networks. She has some fantastic talks on YouTube and has featured on a whole bunch of great podcasts. Currently the co-founder of Mighty networks but is probably best known for co-founding one of the largest online social communities, ning.com alongside Marc Andreessen.

Founders corner podcast | The power of real networks | The one metric that matters

Guy Kawasaki - Best selling author and entrepreneur

Guy is an author, entrepreneur, investor and speaker with an impressive resume. He's written 13 books Author, create top tools like alltop.com and directly advised companies such as Evernote and Canva.

Alltop | The art to start | How to Publish a Book

Jason Fried - Founder and CEO of Basecamp

Jason is best known for founding Basecamp (37 Signals) as well as co-authoring 3 of the best books in the tech space Getting real, Remote: Office not require and Rework. He's a frequent writer on medium too, well worth checking out.

Rework | Remote | Getting real (FREE)

Jessica Livingston - Co-founder of Y-Combinator

Best known for founding the startup incubator Y-Combinator and also the author of Founders at work

Founders at work | Y Combinator

Joel Spolsky - Co-founder of Trello (Fog creek software)

Joel is a prolific entrepreneur, involved in two of the most used projects on the internet for techies, Trello and the Stack exchange network. He's written over 1000 articles on development, business and management providing a wealth of resources.

The iceberg secret | Developers' side projects | Joel on Software

Julia Hartz - Co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite

Julia co-founded Eventbrite in 2006 and is one of the most recognized female leaders in technology. Prior to Evenbrite, Julia started her career on MTV, heavily contributing to the TV show, Jackass.

Bootstrapping to billion dollar company | The culture economy

Kara Swisher - American journalist and founder of Recode.net

Kara is a well known technology journalist, previously of the Wall Street Journal before co-founding Recode.net a Silicon valley focussed tech news site covering a wealth of topics with advice from some of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the world.


Kevin Kelly - Co-founder of Wired Magazine

One of the most interesting people you can read about. Has written a number of best selling books and a knack for accurately predicting the future! He writes shed load of good stuff all over the web and is well worth a listen on every podcast he's ever been on.

1000 true fans | The Inevitable | KK on Tim Ferriss

Kevin Rose - Co-founded Revision3 & Digg

Best known for co-founding Digg in 2004 as well as the co-host on the American tv show Screensavers. Kevin was a partner at Google ventures and invested in companies like medium. He also has his own podcast over at kevinrose.com

kevinrose.com | Kevin Rose Newsletter

Leah Busque - Founder of task rabbit

Best known for founding Task Rabbit, a marketplace for outsourcing small jobs for other people to complete. Task Rabbit was eventually acquired by IKEA.

Anatomy of a marketplace | ...Take baby steps

Lynda Weinman - Co-founder of Lynda.com

Lynda is best known for co-founding Lynda.com in 1995 which was eventually acquired by LinkedIn for an estimated $1.5billion in 2015. She is also the author the the very first book on web design, 'Designing Web Graphics'.

Lynda.com | Rise of the female entrepreneur

Marc Andreessen - Founder of Netscape and Adreessen Horowitz

Marc has co-founded a whole bunch of products including mosaic, essentially the worlds first web browser and netscape which was eventually acquired by AOL in a $4.2B stock deal! Not to mention he was also a seed investor in Facebook! He's well worth reading up about, especially some of his older articles, some of which are linked below.

Guide to personal productivity | Best book for tech entrepreneurs 'this year' | Marc interview on recode | 10 rules for success | 15 books you should read

Marcela Sapone - Founder of Hello Alfred

In 2014, Marcela co-founded the concierge service that pairs up busy professionals with personal assistants to handle all of their errands like cleaning, washing and similar. Quote a I like from Marcela is "Life is too short not to design for wha you want"

Designing for trust | How to launch a truly disruptive startup

Martha Lane Fox - Co-founder of lastminute.com

Back in 1999 Martha co-founded lastminute.com which went public in 2000 and was eventually acquired by Sabre holdings (Travelocity) in 2005 for around £600mil. Since then Martha has become a cross bench peer at the house of lords, Chancellor of the Open University and a member of the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy. Quite an impressive CV!

Digital entrepreneurship – we must finish the job | The good, the bad and the internet

Mathilde Collin - Co-founder and CEO of FrontApp

Mathilde, originally from Paris, moved her entire startup and 17 people to Silicon Valley after gaining funding from Y Combinator. This gave them the platform to work closer with their US customers and develop into an enterprise shared inbox for teams.

What the CEO of Front does | Why front moved to Silicon Valley

Matt Mullenweg - Founding developer of WordPress

Best known for founding/creating WordPress which now powers over 30% of the web!

Building billion dollar companies | Do you have your own internal code? | Books read in 2017 | Wha Matt travels with in his bag

Mena Grabowski Trott - Co-founder of Six Apart and creator of TypePad

Mena is best known for co-founding Six Apart, the software company behind TypePad and moveable type. Apparently the name 6 Apart was inspired by the fact that her and her ex husband and co-founder were born 6 days apart.

Ted Talk: How blogs are building a friendlier world | TypePad

Nathan Barry - Founder of Convert kit

I first came across Nathan Barry when he launched his series of articles called he Web App challenge. These were the start of a product known as ConvertKit which now has an MRR of over $1,000,000! Nathan has shared his journey on his personal blog as well as podcasts, books and at a number of conferences.

Live ConvertKit metrics | Designing web apps | Nathans Blog

Paul Graham - Co-founder of Y-Combinator

Paul Graham is a prolific author, programmer and writer who attracted over 35million views on his personal website in 2015. Along with his wife Jessica Livingston, he co-founded Y-Combinator, a new kind of startup incubator that has directly helped some of the most well name tech companies around today.

On writing | Life is short | How to get startup ideas | The role developers have in our society

Pete Cashmore - Founder of Mashable

Pete founded Mashable when he was just 19! It is now one of the most visited blogs worldwide, providing a wealth of information across the tech industry. Mashable regularly exceeds 40 million views a month and has over 100 employees. Around 2016, Mashable hit problems with profitability and has since been looking to sell the company, most likely for a fraction of the value from just a few years ago.

Peter Arvai - CEO and founder or Prezi

Swedish entrepreneur co-founder and current CEO of Prezi, the cloud based presentation software taking on PowerPoint!

Startup misconceptions | Creativity trumps experience

Ryan Carson - CEO and founder of Treehouse

Best known for founding Treehouse, one of the early online learning platforms for developers. He also ran carsonified who ran events for web developers all over the world. Seems like a super humble characters passionate about making learning accessible and affordable for everyone.

Meet the man behind Treehouse | Foundation Podcast | Treehouse | How I plan my year

Seth Godin - Founder of squidoo and best selling author

So much to say about Seth. He's an entrepreneur, marketeer, incredible speaker and prolific author, including 18 best selling books. His books, blogs, podcasts and workshops provide an incredible amount of value you absolutely have to check him out.

Purple cow | Lynchpin | Imposter syndrome

Steve Wozniak - Co-founder of Apple

Possibly one of the most well known on this list. American inventor and co-founder of Apple. He has helped influence the computing industry with his design of the Apple I and Apple II, the first generation of Apple personal computers. He's been involved in a whole bunch of stuff and is always churning out great advice in podcasts, blogs and talks.

Ted: The early days | Interview with Patrick Betdavid | 10 rules for success

Stewart Butterfield - Co-founder of Flickr and Slack

Not many people know that the name slack actually stands for "Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge". A name Stewart came up with after a late night of thinking. It was just meant to be a code name but can see why it stuck! Stewart is an inspiring person to follow, definitely checkout some of his interviews, he's got some great advice.

We don't sell saddles here | An interview with Slack CEO | Rules of business | When slack was youung

Tim Oreily - Founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, Inc

Tim on Tim Ferriss show

Tom Blomfield - Co-founder of Monzo and GoCardless

Tom is most recently known for co-founding Monzo, the app only bank which dubs itself as the bank for people who don't like banks!


Tony Fadell - The father of the iPod & founder of Nest

Tony Fadell is dubbed one of the fathers of the ipod with his work on the first generation iPod between 2006 and 2008. After Apple, he founded Nest labs along with another former apple colleague which produced 'smart' thermastats and that were programmable and controlled through your wifi.

Foundation podcast | Ted - First secret of great design | 10 rules for success | Origins of the iPhone