Quick review of the one by John Mars

January 1st, 2018

This is all about a scientific breakthrough that allows everyone to search and find their perfect partner with just a swab of their DNA. The book follows a number of different characters and tells their experience with “Match your DNA” (The company behind the scientific breakthrough)

Very exciting read with so many cliffhangers it was hard to put down. The story follows a variety of characters at various points of their life as they attempt to find their perfect match, including the founder of Match your DNA and the story behind her ‘match.’

Would definitely recommend.

Basic overview of the story for my own reference later (SPOILER ALERT!):

  • One character (Not sure of the names!) is matched with a serial killer
  • She is the detective on the case of her own match and he continues to commit these killings behind her back. Pretty brutal murders
  • Eventually she kills the serial killer when shes discovers what he is doing and doesn’t want anyone to ever find out that she was dating a serial killer for so long
  • Another match story is about Nick who is happily married to his Wife Sally
  • They eventually decide to sign up for match your DNA because they want to know if they would be matched
  • Turns out Nick is matched with another man which is totally unexpected to both of them
  • Later we find out that the reason sally wanted Nick to take the test was that she had already been matched with one of their close friends. (Although later on, you realize this might not have been a correct match after all)
  • Sally falls pregnant just before Nick is going to go and live in New Zealand with his match. Nick later finds out that the baby isn’t his, Sally dies during childbirth and Nick ends up emigrating to New Zealand to be with his match and look after the baby that isn’t his
  • Ellie is the founder of Match your Company
  • Ellie is matched with a guy called… (can’t remember) but he is really someone called Tim
  • Tim has decided to take revenge on Match your Company because he believes it destroyed his family (His dad found his match and left, his mum was matched with someone who wasn’t nice, manipulated her etc)
  • Tim did this by initially going in for an interview with Know your company, at which point he was able to get access to the company database and falsify a number of matches
  • He matched himself with Ellie so that he could be with her when everything unraveled
  • Ellie eventually kills Tim in her own office, which is broadcast live around the world exposing the incorrect matches and the murder
  • The revelation meant that a number of other matches you read about may or may not have been true

Need to fill in a few more of the blanks!

By Jonathan Clift, a UX Desginer based in the UK.